VANCAN Groups is a leading portfolio management firm in South India, having two decades of experience in various industries like Real estates, loans, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Hr consultancy, Investments, Insurance, Lawyer services, Exports & Imports, Marketing, Solar, Trust.

Vancan Charitable Trust was group by a young college students alongside experienced social workers (below 30 years of age).Our goal is to facilitate the expression of inner potentialities in those who have been variously marginalized through holistic 'Human Making' education.
We do not want to 'force' progress on the community, especially of the kind that is not sustainable and thereby handicaps communities even more. We aim to provide maximum service to maximum people to the maximum possible extent. We attempt to provide a life of dignity to all, a life without distinctions based on ability, gender, age, caste, language, region, religion, race, class and nationality and opinion.

Complete Pharmacy store.

It is our very special pleasure to introduce Vancan charitable Trust's Home as one of the outstanding institutions for the welfare of the most vulnerable childrens with special needs and mental/physical challenges as well as destitute children in Tamilnadu State, India.

Our Founder, Mr.VAR.Thogai murugan, BBA.,(LLB) Managing Director who hailed from a very poor family, had the vision of a JUST society ever

The constant approach in reaching our objective of making the world a better place is the outcome of the generous contributions from the good hearted souls in India and abroad to whom the inmates of our homes, the staff an the management dedicate their deep thankfulness. Vancan charitable Trust creating a small group of hand selected medical and survival experts who venture into the most extreme and austere locations on this to educate local healthcare workers, provide remote medicine and donate supplies to developing areas so they can be self sufficient.

Vancan charitable Trust a team willing to speak teach a medical class, treat patients, and help indigenous people who have never seen a practitioner.

We are Team Vancan charitable Trust non-profit volunteer organization who relies on your sponsorship, donations and assistance to make all this possible.

Vancan charitable Trust Save a Child's Heart medical facilities in India or during one of our medical missions to a developing country. Thousands of children from poor families around the world are alive today because of a small group of medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to perform cardiac surgery and train medical personnel.

Vancan charitable Trust saves children with congenital heart defects who have almost no chance of surviving to adulthood in their native countries, and saves their lives with no political, cultural, religious, or racial preference whatsoever. Based in India, our mission is to improve the quality of Hospitalization Support : Open Heart Surgery , Closed Heart Surgery , Pediatric Cardiac Care, Cancer Care , Kidney Dialysis , Kidney Transplantation, for children from countries where the heart surgery they need is unobtainable.


To inspire and nurture the human spirit.


To help with financial support to the Deserving/Destitute victims of contagious and non contagious Diseases across India. Rehabilitation support to the children, elders and also to the victims of Natural Devastations.